New Organic Waste Water Treatment Technology

Asple Green Technology Sdn. Bhd. has developed a high efficiency ceramic bio-reactor system namely Porous Ceramics Bio Reactor (PCBR) System. This kind of ceramic is manufacturing using natural inorganic ceramics material under 1280℃ high temperature. The excellent biological habitat was created by its meticulous porous saclike structure and its physiochemical stability characteristics. The special patented auto swinging design which including the composite suspension system is a ideal microorganism grown environment for the organic waste water treatment system. This system simultaneously provide aerobic, facultative, and anaerobic environment for microorganism growth and thus effectively remove excessive BOD, COD, SS and NH-N3 pollutant.

The lifespan of this system is proved higher than other bio-purification system due to its can be recycle & reused and thus avoid environmental pollution after disposal.

Porous Ceramics Bio-Reactor (PCBR)

Technical Introduction

PCBR as a technical core in “high porosity ceramics” which providing high specific surface area ratio and high durability is a new type of biological treatment system. Its proved to increase pollutants removal by provides high surface area for microorganism attached growth and increase suspended solid interception ability.

 Method of Application

  • Install in biological aeration tank to replace traditional contact filter.
  • This system can gather for higher MLSS loading, thus suitable to install at bio- reactor which will increase the treatability efficiency, cope with more fluctuate incoming wastewater and achieve higher treatment stability.
  • Use for difficult biodegradable waste water, NH3-N removal, long use period.

 Technical Key

  • Aeration tank design
  • Microorganism control
  • PCBR can recycle and reuse
  • Suspended membrane combine fixed membrane

Patent & Authentication

  1. Taiwannew type patent No. 215905
  2. Taiwan invention patent No. I 255800
  3. China invention patent No. ZL 99 1 27196.3
  4. China practical new type patent ZL 99 258067.6
  5. China practical new type patent ZL 03 238863.2
  6. Japan practical new patent 3107459
  7. Taiwan EPA green mark product No. 0078
  8. Taiwan industrial park [ 2005 Excellent National Environment Product ]

Photo of  PCBR Microorganism Attached Growth

  •  TYPEPCBR-                            
  •  COD VOLUME LOAD:1.5kg-COD/m3-day
BEFORE AFTER USE ( 3 Months Later )
  • PCBR with VSS: 220,000~300,000mg/PCBR
  • Provide activated sludge aeration tank    
  • MLVSS:600~800mg/L
    (PCBR volume fill rate is 1%)


1 Materials Ceramic Petro based Petro based Petro based
2 Effective surface area (m2/m3) 35,000 500 217 105
3 Required space Small Moderate Moderate Large
4 Required system volume comparable (X/PCBR) 1 13.4 14 14
5 Integrated with activated-sludge process Perfect Perfect Not Not
6 Ability to decrease ammoniacal nitrogen High Fair Low Low
7 Land area required (X/PCBR) 1 1.6 2.0 2.5
8 Backwash No Yes Yes Yes
9 Aeration energy consumption Low High Fair High
10 Product recycling/ reuse ability Small Fair Fair Large
11 Column 2 Value 11 Yes No No No

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