Introduction of AspleGreen Advance Bio System (AABS)

AspleGreen Advance Bio System (AABS) is a highly efficient total biological system whereby a combination of various yeast strains is used to directly decompose oils and solids, speed up oxidation of organic substances and has the low rate of cell proliferation.

AspleGreen Advance Bio System (AABS) is suitable for high strength wastewater such as oleo-chemical, marine food, palm oil, slaughterhouse and other related industry which are high in bio-degradable organic and oil content.

” The facility construction cost, operation cost, maintenance cost are low, the management is simple, the operation cost is low, and the floor space is small. “

Scope Of Application:

  1. Oily wastewater (n-hexane extract >100 mg/l)
  2. Palm oil industry (refinery, oleochemical and biodiesel)
  3. Food processing wastewater:
    • Meat, aquatic products
    • Dairy products, sugar industry, pasta
    • Brewing industry
  1. Hotel and restaurant wastewater

AABS System Features:

  1. Applied to high concentration organic wastewater
    Inflow of BOD can reach 1,000.00 to 10,000.00 of mg /L
  2. High organic loading handling (reducing the volume of the aeration tank)
    Compare to conventional activated sludge system, the organic loading (kg BOD/kg SS/ day) is three (3) time greater than former. The retention ability of MLSS also can maintained three (3) time than activated sludge system.
  3. Cope with incoming load fluctuation
    The BOD-SS treatment load by Bio-Phi system has a wider range for large loads than activated sludge system.
  4. Can directly deal with difficult decomposition components.
    Example : Oil, starch, phenol, etc.
  5. Less sludge generation
    Sludge conversion rate of 30% / removal of BOD
  6.  No need to invest in yeast again
    No reseeding of yeast is required.
  7. Effective reuse of excess sludge
    The sludge generated may be utilized as raw material for organic fertilizer or animal feed.


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